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A mere 4% of the universe's mass is composed of atoms and photons, the fundamental constituents of matter and energy that constitute the visible universe. Consequently, nearly 96% of the forces responsible for binding and sustaining the universe do not arise from ordinary matter and energy. This unseen force, known as dark matter and dark energy ( anti-gravity force), accounts for 96% of the universe's matter. While we cannot directly observe dark matter, its existence is inferred from its observable effects on objects. The role of dark matter lies in influencing the behavior of observable entities within the Universe.

In the vast expanses of the universe, darkness is not a void to be feared, but rather a mystical dominion that holds the secrets of creation and transformation. Here, galaxies are born, stars ignite, and worlds take their first breath. Dark matter and energy continue to shape the universe, both in its current state and the distant future. But the impending question has always been, why are they there, and where did they come from? The dark energy pulls the universe away from us, but gravity pulls the universe towards us. It is called "dark" because it must necessarily interact very weakly with regular matter, and it is referred to as energy because it contributes nearly 70 percent of the universe's total energy. In other words, the term "dark energy" (anti-gravity force) doesn't imply a lack of knowledge about its origin or nature. Instead, it reflects our inability to observe it directly or conventional telescopes' inability to detect this form of energy. The amount of dark energy inhabiting space is 1.38 x 10-¹²³. Similarly, the gravity value on Earth is 9.8 m/s2. This is the acceleration of gravity on the earth's surface at sea level).


British cosmologist Martin Rees identifies six numbers or fundamental constants in the universe that seem precisely calibrated to allow the emergence of life as we know it today. Any significant deviation in these numerical values could render our existence impossible. They are N, ε (epsilon), Ω (omega), λ (lambda), Q and D.

N is the ratio of the strength of the electrical force to the gravitational force.

ε (epsilon), defines how strongly atomic nuclei bind together.

Ω (omega), measures the amount of material in the universe.

λ (lambda), It relates to an assumed antigravity effect that modifies the rate of expansion of the universe

Q, relates to the degree of structure in the universe.

D, It is the number of spatial dimensions we live in and is equal to three: height, width, and depth

The numbers have been delicately calibrated to create the conditions necessary for life as we know it. It is as if the cosmos itself is an intricately designed masterpiece, where the slightest deviation in the numbers would disrupt the harmonious composition required for life to unfold. Reeves claims these numbers were imprinted at the birth of the Big Bang.

Similarly, if the amount of dark energy inhabiting space is more or less than 1.38 x 10-¹²³ or the acceleration of gravity on the earth's surface at sea level is more or less than 9.8 m/s2life could not exist. Even though Reese talks about these six numbers, he doesn't mention their origin in the first place, let alone their birth at the Big Bang.

According to both Atheists and evolutionists, this remarkable delicate balance prevents planets like Earth from developing, and life demands a vast amount of time (billions of years). However, we are forced to ask the question, “Is this remarkable fine-tuning purely coincidental or implying an infinitely intelligent super-mind called God?” Astronomer Royal says that science cannot explain this fine-tuning. Logic tells us that dark matter and dark energy are there to sustain life because the cosmos knew in advance that we were coming. Therefore, it may be logical to contend that creation without a creator is pointless, and to deny that this marvel arose by one lucky chance and time by billions of years is an intellectual deceit.

Could there be a spiritual dimension to this unseen cosmic shadow? “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of [a]the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places., Ephesians 6:12

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