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Every human person shares three inescapable experiences. They are birth, sin, and death.

Likewise, every person in Christ (rescued) also shares three experiences: justification,

sanctification, and glorification. All religions have one thing in common. They tell us how to go to heaven but are silent about whom to go to heaven. Religions are also silent when it comes to the issue of death. Christianity alone teaches us to get to heaven through Jesus Christ by defying death. I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. John 11:25

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This is not accurate: all major world religions discuss the topic of death and propose what to do in preparation for it. Hinduism talks about reincarnation. Buddhism talks about achieving nirvana. It goes on with other faiths. I would encourage someone who reads this way to read more about other religions to avoid sounding ignorant when presented with this topic. There many great Christian apologetics books which discuss this topic extensively.


In my previous post, one person commented that my post was inaccurate and continued, “ I would encourage someone who thinks this way to read more about other religions to avoid SOUNDING IGNORANT when presented with this topic in the future.” Thank you for your comment. Please find the answer to your comment.

1. Hinduism talks about reincarnation. However, the Hindu has no idea what he/she will become in the next life. That is why the Eastern chants also cry aloud. “………….. hoping for a clue as to the road to lead us to the truth. Who will answer? Who will answer? Three are 330 million Gods in Hinduism, and none could answer. (Reincarnation from what and reincarnation to what?) HINDUISM REMAINS SILENT.

2. Buddhism talks about karma and nirvana but is silent on nirvana from what and nirvana to what? Is it nirvana from death to immortality or darkness to light? Even the Hindu Upanishads could not find an answer. That is why Upanishads cry aloud. Lord! Lead me from Darkness to life, death to immortality. Ohm Shanthi! Ohm Shanthi! (Shanthi means peace) BUDDHISM IS SILENT ( Please Read the Book. The Genetics of God. It covers these topics).

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