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“Because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.” Romans 1:25


“The theory of evolution applied to the primitive condition of matter” belongs to “the dim

twilight of conjecture.” John Tyndall

"Evolution has no scientific basis. No skull had yet been found differing to any extent from the general type." Prof. Virchow


The 2022 Nobel prize in Physiology/Medicine was awarded to Pääbo, a geneticist at the Max

Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. for his work on

deciphering the genetics of ancient hominids (cousins of evolutionists) such as Neandertals and Denisovans. Pääbo figured out a way to extract and analyze DNA from old bones. Getting DNA from ancient bones is difficult Yet Pääbo managed to assemble tiny fragments of DNA and completed the genome for a Neanderthal. This led to the discovery of minor genetic differences between humans and extinct evolutionary parents. Pääbo’s study of a finger bone revealed a previously undiscovered extinct evolutionist’s relative, the Denisovans. This was sufficient to prove that like Neandertals, Denisovans interbred with humans. (It looks as though they witnessed the event). Even their favorite, cute Lucy wasn’t found in one place but scattered all over. In addition, the sudden and abrupt appearance of fossil records does not support the gradual evolution idea of Darwin.

As soon as a bit of bone or fragments of a fossil (scattered everywhere, as in the case of Lucy)

have been discovered, the evolutionary euphoria bursts into volcanic flames because they believe they discovered the missing link or the hybrid monkey/man. And each interpretation is oriented toward a computer-generated image of a pathetic monkey/man to accomplish a preconceived materialistic ideology. Sadly, for monkey lovers, the perfect fossil link "Ida" turned out to be the bone of a family of lemurs, not the missing link. They even claim Lucy was nine months old (As per Lucy’s pediatrician?) and lived 47 million years ago. She even had a broken wrist (Her orthopedic surgeon could not help) and, sadly, was about to lose her baby teeth.

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