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The DNA molecule is the foundational building block of life, an indispensable element without which life would cease to exist in its most profound sense. Comprised of four chemical bases, often called the genetic alphabet A, T, C, and G, these four letters collectively compose the genetic code. This genetic code operates exclusively in triplets, each being termed a codon. For instance, codons like ATG, CGT, and AAC exemplify this triplet structure. The genetic code is the universal language

perpetuating life's continuum, a ubiquitous language that permeates all living organisms, except RNA viruses. The genetic code stores and conveys the information required for living organisms' structure, function, and regulation.The genetic (physical) code serves as the instructional blueprint within a gene, dictating how a cell produces proteins essential for sustaining physical life. In a parallel manner, the Triune God establishes the spiritual code within our spiritual lives, sustaining and shaping our spiritual existence.


Three thousand years ago, the phrase “substance” was coined by a shepherd named David. In 1869, the Swiss doctor Friedrich Miescher isolated a crude extract from human cells and named it a new chemical “substance.” The laymen and the scientists used the same term, “substance,” for what we now know is DNA that contains the genetic code. Is this a simple coincidence or God’s most astonishing revelation to humankind that one day, the very creator would manifest in the flesh through the genetic code He created?

The genetic code's inherent nature is such that it can only operate as a triplet code, never as a singular, dual, or quadruplet code. This profound triplet code of life holds great spiritual significance, mirroring the spiritual realm where our connection to the divine also adheres to a triune pattern. Just as physical life is bound to the triplet code, our spiritual life is intricately woven into the concept of the Triune God—One God in Three Persons—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This theological truth underscores that the nature of the divine is singular in essence, yet manifest in a triune manner, transcending any notion of a Tri-theistic God. In this way, the triplet code of life reflects a spiritual parallel, reminding us of the profound triunity that characterizes our understanding of God.

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