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(The Logic Is Inescapable, Jesus Is God)

*A Brief Summary*

               Of all the questions which haunt the human mind, the biggest question of life is: “Can science (Genetics) prove the existence of God?” If God is infinite and almighty, can the infinite become finite or can God become man?”  Is there harmony or conflict between scientific pragmatism and the Christian faith? Can God be found in both places simultaneously, or is He far away or entangled between the two? Is the subliminal message of God in the human genome waiting to be discovered, or is He waiting for you there? 

               The Christian says that the incarnation is the pulsating heartbeat of Christianity and that God has become man, but the formidable question is, how? My recent book, The Genetics of God analyzes the 2000-year-old mystery of the theological phrase, "Word Became Flesh," from a scientific perspective and how this inquiry revitalizes the theological authenticity, historical reliability, scientific veracity and our spiritual understanding in the light of modern genetics. Theologically, the Logos was called the "Word" (John 1:1), "God" (John 1:1), "Word of God" (Genesis 15; 1, Exodus 19:17) and "Jesus Christ" (John 1:17), etc. From a philosophical perspective, the Logos has been called "Universal force of reason" or "Creative force," "Reason," "Agent of creation," "Seat of wisdom or Sophia, "Memra," "Creative divine force," etc. From a genetic standpoint, WL has been called "Strip," "Determinants," "pieces of heritage," "Substance," etc. It took scientists more than 2500 years to identify the substance and modern genetics call it 'DNA.' 

            The Apostle Paul refers to faith (unseen) as "substance." Now faith is the "Substance" of things hoped for and the "Evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1. The two laymen (King David, Psalm 139:15,16 and the scientist Miescher (1869) used the exact phrase "Substance," and John addresses the unseen Christ, the Logos, which in turn is the "Unseen substance" whom he saw and touched when Jesus manifested in the Flesh (1John 1). In 1953, the elucidation of the DNA structure revealed that physical life is confined to the four-letter genetic language called A T C G (A=Adenine, T= Thiamine, C=Cytosine, G=Guanine) or Physical Word of Life (WL). 

             What do the Logos, the Word, Word of Life, the Seed, the Substance, the Flesh and the ATCG share? They unequivocally bear witness, reinforce the universal magnitude of the truth and thus point towards the ultimate transcendent and immanent reality called God, leading to a more logical consensus that the physically manifested Word is the historical Jesus of Nazareth. 

           "Is it a coincidence or confirmation that the terms "Logos," "Substance," and "Word of Life" turned out to be something equivalent to the secular WL in the DNA?"  The Word is the ultimate and the irrefutable fingerprint God has left in the physical world (DNA is the secret of physical life) and instructed us to follow and abide by the evidence. The logical consensus inextricably links Jesus Christ to the Logos. Therefore, the science of genetics affirms that "things not seen" (invisible God) and the "hoped-for thing" (Messiah) is the one who revealed Himself through the language of God (DNA) so that we can comprehend Him. Thus, logic is inevitable; Jesus is God.

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“And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory.” 1 Timothy 3:16