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What is IWI

The mission of IWI (The Genetics of God project) is to apply modern scientific discoveries in the domain of science and revelation in theology to encourage scholars and laypeople to understand better the harmony between Science and Faith in the light of modern genetics. 

Incarnate Word International

Incarnate Word International/IWI (“Incarnate” means to give bodily form and substance, and “Word” means Logos in Greek) is a reason and evidence-based faith organization, and its core message is published in the book, The Genetics of God: Word Became Flesh. A scientist Explains How God Became Man.

In this book, Dr. Sam Rose, a geneticist and former scientist from Columbia University, New York, describes how modern scientific innovations, especially genetics, affirm what the scriptures promised thousands of years ago. It answers one of the most profound questions in human history, i.e., Can God become man, and if so, how? The book outlines the remarkable rationality and harmony between science and Scripture in the context of the "Logos"to mean "Substance".

Rose explains how the Creator left His fingerprints in the creation and intentionally designed the DNA Word, ATCG so that one day God will manifest through the same. The website was developed to provide resources for people to better understand the actuality of the incomprehensible (Word) becoming the comprehensible (Flesh) through the language of God or DNA.

As a book trailer explains the totality of the book, the entirety of the Genetics of God and the scripture is confined to John 1:1-18. In the beginning, was the Logos (Word), the Logos was with God, and the Logos was God. The Logos is God - the Christ, the Creator, Sustainer, Savior, and Restorer. Everything begins and ends or spirals towards the Logos. He created all things, and within Him, everything is constituted. Likewise, our existence in the "here and now" and the “future” revolves around the life-giving Logos. By believing in the incarnation, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, one can attain eternal life.

We affirm that God is the Creator, Savior, and Restorer.  

We believe the tripartite man (body, spirit, and the soul) was created in the image of the triune God (Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit), not through billion years of descent with modification. 

We affirm that the first atom and the first Adam and all animate and inanimate objects and man-the crown of God’s creation were created by God through Jesus Christ.  

We believe that man fell short of God's glory and the sinner is in need of a Savior. By His death and resurrection, Jesus Christ conquered death and whoever believes in Him shall be saved.              


We believe that Salvation is a triadic process that involves justification (Son), sanctification (Holy Spirit), and glorification (Father). 

We believe God reveals Himself in His creation (natural science) and in the Scripture (Spiritual Science) and manifested Himself as fully God and fully man in the person of Jesus Christ.

We believe in true science and variation and adaptation seen in life forms within the kind are explained by the imperishable properties inherent in the physical Word of life, WL (ATCG), to propagate and multiply life. 

We believe that discoveries in true science magnify the glory of God and complements, not contradict faith.   

We believe in One God, One Children of God, One Savior and One Universal Salvation by One Universal Christ. 

We believe in the Second coming of Jesus Christ and eternal reign